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Installing Oracle 12c on x86_64 Gentoo

Installing Oracle 12c on an uptodate Gentoo system is no problem at all and a lot easier than installing 11g.

emerge the following additional packages: /dev/shm mount options need to be default and the size needs to be set to accomodate your SGA. NB that more shm is required than the size of your SGA. This seems to be due to Oracle bugs. The required additional space can be a lot. To be safe, just set it to all available memory:
shm                     /dev/shm        tmpfs           defaults,size=64g        0 0
Then: mount -o remount,defaults,size=64g /dev/shm

/etc/sysctl.conf: Always overcommit seems to be the only working solution with dozens of GB SGA.
# there is no swap really
# 0: default overcommit
# 1: always overcommit
# 2: never overcommit. max = swap + ratio% * RAM
# commit limit = (swap + ratio% * RAM)

Then sysctl -p

If remote installing: See Quick Install Guide.


Disable password expiry

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