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Is kwin with GLES ready for desktops?

Martin Grässlin mentioned last summer that "4.8 we will be able to offer and default to OpenGL ES 2.0 for most of our users". Given the substantial time since that announcement, I wanted to try that with KDE 4.9.3 which was just stabilized in Gentoo today. I tested it on my iMac. Easy enough in Gentoo: enable the gles, gles1, gles2 USE flags and disable opengl for kde-base/kwin. Then recompile Mesa and kwin. Mesa version is 9.0 and xf86-video-ati is at 7.0.0, all on top of a 3.6 kernel.

The result was not too good unfortunately. I quickly realized that all menus were unusable because they either didn't show up at all, or faded in only halfway.  Plus there was massive screen corruption when draging windows around on the desktop.

Same on the Zenbook with Intel SandyBridge and xf86-video-intel-2.20.14.

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