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IPv6 with Hurricane Electric

I have written about connecting to the IPv6 Internet in the past. At that time I was using an automatic 6to4 gateway over a IPv4 connection with dynamic IP. And I was using ZoneEdit as a dynamic DNS provider.

That setup however had some severe shortcomings:
After the World IPv6 Day I decided that it was time to clean up. I found that Hurricane Electric provides a fully v6 reachable dynamic DNS service. Plus it offers 6 in 4 tunneling.

The tunneling setup in Gentoo is just as simple as the 6to4 setup and is documented also on HE's tunneling site. But you get a static prefix. No more routing update scripts!

The DNS web interface is very nice and simple. Also the dynamic update is much simpler: instead of ddclient, a simple curl call is sufficient.

Still when your dynamic IP changes you have to update the new IP in the webinterface of their tunnel configuration. So better have a cron job that detects when your IP has changed.

On the client side, recent dhcpcd versions can handle the DNS information from radvd to update /etc/resolv.conf.

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