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Ant builds in Linux vs. Windows 7

My new work laptop arrived. An HP EliteBook 8540w. Core i7 with 8GB RAM. Of course it's running Gentoo Linux: 2.6.37 with ext4 filesystem. The Windows installation has been banned to a KVM virtual machine (I must use some software that is available for Windows only).

My colleague has the same machine running under Windows 7 with NTFS. Of course we compared "spears". In our case the spear is the Ant build of our main product, a J2EE application. The load is very filesystem intensive. It merely unzips and zips some jar archives and copies files around. No actual compiling is done. We ran each build twice to see the effect of filesystem chaches.

Old HP laptop Windows XP: first run 84s, second run 71s
New laptop Windows 7: first run 36s, second run 21s
New laptop Linux: first run 12s, second run 8s


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Bet your tests wont show the same speedup though,