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No URL alias in Tomcat?

Is there seriously no way to create an arbitrary (i.e. cross-context) alias for an URL in Tomcat? I don't want a HTTP redirect, I don't want inefficient reverse-proxying, I don't care about cookie security (as cookies are not used), I don't want HTTPD in front. Just a simple stupid alias. That is the alias URL calls the same servlet code as the aliased URL. Also known as URL rewriting.

I want: http://localhost:8080/old-service  -> http://localhost:8080/axis/services/new-service

Filters and not even Valves can do that, because implementations must not "change request properties that have already been used to direct the flow of processing control for this request". Seriously? 2010?

Reason: I have a webservice that has been migrated to a completely different infrastructure, and thus a different context. The clients should not need to be changed. And the clients don't support redirects.

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Why not run Tomcat in Apache 2.0 and then you can do your aliasing from Apache 2.0... ref aliasing in tomcat, I'm not sure on that (I assume from your rant that it isn't possible).

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