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Layer popups vs. Window popups

It has become very popular to use JavaScript to create modal dialogs and popups "in-page". That means they are overlayed over the content of the webapp window. Before this trend, the standard way to show a popup dialog was in a new window.

Anybody who implements JavaScript popup layers PLEASE make sure not to break the usability that a normal popup window has: If you opted to use the old-fashioned popup windows there is also stuff to care about: Choosing a popup window or an overlay is not just a question of fashion. There are also some technical reasons to prefer one or the other.

Similarly when you provide a scrollable widget in JavaScript, make sure it behaves like a normal scroll bar: support cursor up/down, page up/down and the scroll wheel.

Similarly when you create a smart text input, make sure it supports everything a stupid standard text box does: ctrl-z for undo typing, cursor, home/end, shift select ranges, etc.

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