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no more DJB dnscache

Until today I was running DJB's dnscache in my LAN. Today I switched to PowerDNS recursor. The reason was that I experienced strange resolving problems with dnscache. At some point the cache would sometimes indicate a lame delegation from certain domains, such as akmai.net. Sometimes even from a TLD such as .uk! The problem went away once dnscache was restarted. So it must be some bug. All in all the dnscache makes the impression that its developer doesn't really care about the real world, but rather implemented it to the letter of the spec. So his focus was not to provide an implementation that works out in the wild, but rather tries to educate people how to use DNS. Unfortunately this "education" happens on the wrong end here.

So I rather chose an implementation that is widely used today and works with the real DNS.

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