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IE7 create table with DOM

I just noticed that IE7 is very picky when you create content via the DOM. In my image viewer I am creating a table object dynamically. However IE7 didn't show it because I did not use a tbody element and appended the tr elements directly under table. So when creating content via the DOM make sure to be extremely standards compliant. Firefox is more forgiving in this case.

posted on 2007-05-10 16:31 UTC in Code | 5 comments | permalink
Thanks, that saved me :)

Spent a full day trying to figure out what was wrong before I finally stumbled on your post.

You're the man!

Actually W3C recommendations say that the rows of
a table *may* be gathered within <tbody> tags, they don't say *must*. So the standard doesn't
prescribe mandatory <tbody> sections in a <table>

-- Massimo
thanks, dammit!!!
thanks for this post... I was scratching my head for the whole day for this issue...
Hello from 2010. Wish I'd seen this post before I spent a day on this too..