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Making JSP content assist work in Eclipse

Eclipse has had nice HTML, JavaScript and JSP editor for a while now. They are part of the J2EE Standard Tools (JST) of the Web Tools Platform (WTP). When I create webapps I usually have the JSP pages in a WAR-like directory structure. This way I can point a Tomcat Context directly to this directory.
 +- java-webapps
     +- app1
          +- index.jsp
          +- WEB-INF
            +- jsp
            |   +- home.jsp
            |   +- form.jsp
            +- lib
            |   +- taglibs-input-1.0.jar
            |   +- taglibs-standard-1.1.2.jar
            |   +- spring-1.2.8.jar
            +- web.xml
            +- spring-servlet.xml
            +- applicationContext.xml
If in the JSP editor you get warning marks on all tags from a taglib, then you need to put the taglib JARs into the WEB-INF/lib directory. It's not enough to have them in the classpath! It looks like the editor somehow recognizes the WAR structure and tries to get the libraries from it.

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