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Thank you for your clear and understandable explanation of Java Dates and TimeZones. You helped me a lot by summarizing what I found scattered all over the web in bits and pieces.
Thanks for your code
Odi - Thank you for all the time that you've put into this for others (like me) to save time. You're wisdom triggered me to think twice before taking short cuts. I'll still keep using PHP though :-). Regards from Kuala Lumpur.
This is one of the rare destinations of value on the interwebs. Your PHP articles in particular are great.

I actually started clicking around to try to learn more about who you are... I don't think I've ever done that on a website.

Joshua Alguire
I found your page about thumbnail.pl by Googling with the keyword "thumbnail generator linux". It works just the way I really like. A great piece! Thanks a lot from Kyoto, Japan. Takeshi MATSUMOTO