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Your Linux Scripts article pointed me in the right direction. I am also new to linux, moving from Windows 98--> 2000 --> Windows XP and now linux is a big jump. I am a part time programmer with experience in 'C', 'CPP', Visual Basic, Microsoft Excel Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), and now I am learning BASH shell scripts.
You have an excellent Website and your letters are clean and easy to read. Great going on your website !!! Keep up the good work!
I like your article on Java Date and time.
I downloaded your 2.6.26 kernel config for macbook Pro

Thank a lot. Great article!!!

You should add "TCP Congestion Control" in your kernel config, it will speed up the network a lot.
You are the king! I have discovered this your site today and its a little jewel, it will take me some time to read every thing but what i have red till now is great.