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Have been reading a lot about variable objects and entities while studying the DDD principle, but had trouble finding example code.
Thank you for writing the PHP best practises article :-)
Jette, Denmark
I came to your website sarching for implementations of DAO pattern in PHP and I found it very interesting.

So, anyways... congrats and thanks for sharing.

Greetings from Argentina.
There is one thing you may add to Date/Time post: if a guy sees Greenwich from his window it does not necessarily mean his local time is GMT. I had one call missed by this occasion. The key is that London has BST (British Summer Time). You may find more info in the web, cause I'm not a profi in this.

Thanks a lot!
Google led me to your website as I was searching for information regarding Object Oriented PHP programming and the use of a Data Access layer. I am a Java Developer by profession, so am quite used to the concept of OO, but I wanted to find out the difference in syntax and capabilities.

I really enjoyed your write up and found it quite useful. Thanks a lot.

From Canada,
Thanks for the Java Anti-Patterns article. It's cleared up a number of things I was wondering about and surprised me with a few things I should have known.