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very concise articles! impressive codes! congratulations.

pdeleon - at - NOSPAM-gmail.com
Very Informative!

ranjithkr -at- gmail dot com
Thanks a lot for putting all that info on the web. Your acpid scripts helped me a lot.
I have been recently able to suspend (uswsusp-0.5 s2ram), under X. I am using fglrx+Xgl+beryl in Ubuntu edgy btw. It's not clear in your page whether you eventually got suspend to work within X or not, hence my comment.

francois -at- maumae -dot- net
Found your article on PHP and its best practices very insightful. Thanks for sharing these. Your articles are very Crisp and Clear.

Your site is also very interesting and clean. Are you maintaining it by hand?

- Satyajit

jeffry at bayau dot com

you website is great, simple and beautiful. Very easy to go through the whole website. Thanks for the info expecially for the php articles =)