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A kernel patch note pointed me to your website. Thanks for that particular mactel patch. I currently setup Linux (what else) on my brandnew MacBook. Best wishes from Singapore. Marc, http://pubwww.hsz-t.ch/~mgloor
I loved the article on PHP best practices. A word on PHP vs. Java would be nice (for whenever you have time, Odi). Thanks, Diego.
Hi Odi, i enjoy your web site so beautifuly and beside using some of your advice on my project at school. i have no idea on Linux but your site have helped place some more light.and i have also sent you an email.. keep the good work Odi.
Hi, many thanks for your article.

After many years of basic, cobol, L4G, java, jsf and other xml stuff, I'm beginning to learn php on my own, just to know what it is.

After trying helloWorld.php, I directly found your hints and read them carefully before trying a single php line code. I think it was a good start for me.

Article on Java anti pattern is very useful. Keep writing such good articles.

Boby Thomas