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thanks for your article on java date time.
it is very tricky to use dateformat to set specific date
anyway, your article saved me a lot of time.

Mac from China
I am just a casual visitor
your explanations or really good

I am no S/w Engineer trying to build a site

thanks I am going to use your "best practice of PHP as a quality testing template for my website

thanks again
I've recently found your interesting collection of Java Anti-Patterns. While I agree with most of it, there are a few points where my opinion is quite different. I've written a Blog post [1] where you find more details. Please take it as *constructive* criticism and don't hesitate to prove me wrong.

[1]: http://mlangc.wordpress.com/2009/12/08/java-anti-patterns-revisited/
I wonder where you get all the examples of bad code ...

Thank you my friend for all this good stuff you wrote here, very handy.