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Melting glaciers

Last weekend in the mountains close to Splügenpass, Regi and I were very lucky. We had to cross over a smallish glacier called Chalchtalfirn. It was very warm and you could litterally see it melting away. One lump of ice (maybe 20 m3) caught my attention when I passed under it because it looked like it could collapse any time. So I took a picture. Ten minutes later a piece of it collapsed in front of my eyes! Another ten minutes later it had collapsed completely and had fallen down over a cliff onto the top of another part of the glacier, close to where we had just passed over. Of course I had the camera ready in all stages of the collapsing lump.

That's how it looked in the beginning:

And here the leftmost tip has disappeared:

Here the rest of the piece has gone:

The shattered ice a few meters down the hill:

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