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Orecchiette cime di rapa

This is my version of pasta with Cime di Rapa. Cime di Rapa is an exquisite vegetable with a strong and slightly bitter taste. It's popular mostly in southern Europe and nearly unknown north of the alps. In Zurich you can find it throughout the winter season in smaller shops or on the market, very rarely in supermarkets.

This is a cheap and simple vegan/vegetarian pasta dish that's quickly prepared and tastes great.

You need:

Wash the Cime and chop it. We use the whole plant. Chop the parsley, garlic and onions. Setup the water for the pasta.

In a large pan, heat some olive oil and fry parsley, garlic and onions. I use enough oil so that they are actually fried and not roasted. So the onions do not get brown.

Add the chopped Cime di Rapa and after a minute add some water and/or red wine. Cover with a lid. The Cime should now cook in steam, it should not be roasted.

When the Cime gets soft, add the tomatos, purée and a tea spoon of sambal. Add a bit of water when the sauce gets too thick. Salt to taste. By this time the water should be boiling and you can put in the pasta and salt. When the pasta is ready, so is the sauce. Serve hot.

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Kaki jam

Winter is closing in. That's the time when the kaki ripen. So today I made delicious jam from kaki and apple.

I used This will give about 3 kg of jam. So make sure to have enough jars ready. Soak them in hot water and sterilize them with some cheap alcohol.

Carefully peel the kaki. They have a very thin but hard peel. This is going to be messy as the fruit easily turn into sludge while being peeled. You'll like it, trust me :-) Collect the peeled fruit in a large pot.

Peel also the apple and cube it. Pre-cook the apple in a sip of water in a small pot until soft.

In the large pot, mash the kaki. Then add the cooked apples. Add a small piece of real vanilla to taste. Cook a the mixture for 10 minutes while stirring constantly.

Blend the mixture into a smooth mash.

Now add the sugar and gellant. Stir gently and cook for another 5 minutes. Then fill into the prepared jars. After closing the lids turn the jars over and let them cool off.

Time to enjoy the remaining hot jam in the pot with your fingers!

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Stuffed pepperoni with quinoa

It's as simple as it sounds, delicious and vegan. If you don't know quinoa, it's cooked like rice. Unlike rice however it's complete in amino acids.

Use your favourite vegetable for the filling. We used zucchini and soy cream. The red sauce is basically just passata with salt.

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Amazing what you can do with flour and water when you're bored on a Sunday night.

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Hihi wo hast Du den das gelernt?
GuK ma
Sowas bring ich mir selbst bei :-)
Bravo! Bravo! :-)
I came here just to read more about stacks and java's thread and I got more reasons to be a vegan! Thanks. I will try my best. Greetings from Brazil.
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