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Snowboarding in Grand Massif

I have put the pictures of our ski holidays in the Pictures section. And this is how the weather was like:

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Yesterday on the Federigrat (Schänis). More pictures in the pictures section.

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National park

Two weeks ago in the Swiss National Park.

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Sunset at Bockmattli

On Sunday Jang and I went to Wägitalersee and up to Bockmattli. It was very late and when we left the fog behind us ...

the sun was just setting.

Unfortunately I had only my mobile phone camera with me. But the quality is surprisingly good :-)

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Presidential vacations

We are currently looking into how to spend some weeks in winter in a warmer region. Regi sent out the following inquiry to a hotel that looked fantastic:
I found the Banyan Tree Resort on the internet, but could not
detect any prices at all. Could you please give me a hint in what range
the prices are. [...]

They immediately responded:
Presidential Villa:     Euro 2470
We will discount those rates for a stay of FOURTEEN nights for TWO persons
Presidential Villa: Euro 32111
In addition we will offer you return helicopter transfer Mahe
- North Island - Mahe Free of Charge - valued at  Euro 1318
These are truely presidential rates! I didn't mean to buy the place...

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Home sweet home


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For playful minds

Here is a nice little time killer for all you bored workers. Check out The Neverending Fall. Use mouse to control the fall. Best played at 800 x 600.

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...does this mean you are a bored worker too ;-)

Green thumb

I knew it. I have a green thumb!
growing seed
At least I managed to grow a little plant from a seed which happened to stick in a wet cleaning sponge. Maybe I should buy a real plant soon.

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... or stop eating this healthy food.

New Job

Oops, I did it! Today at lunchtime I signed the contract with LogObject, my new employer as of July. My new workplace will be even closer to my flat than Nose. Only two bus stops away in the Mediacampus right behind the Letzigrund stadium and the slaughter house. A cool new challenge in life is awaiting me!

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Hands on

James Leftwich knows: The best design education is hands-on experience in all the various aspects of development and working alongside older, more experienced and mentoring designers. I think this does not only apply to design but also to coding.

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