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Content aware image resizing

Someone had a bright idea, which is very simple to implement.

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A summer day in the city

duck, lake zurich
swan family, lake zurich
Grossmünster, Zürich
roofs, Zurich
Gesundheitstram, Limmatquai, Zurich
Petanque, Lindenhof, Zurich

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After the Thunderstorm

There are loads of pictures and movies from the Thunderstorm that hit Switzerland on Thursday morning. NB: This was caused by only about 60mm of rain...

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Nikon VR II

Someone suggested that my previous test of the VR lens was flawed. So I have repeated it. This time I set both exposure and aperture manually to 1/4s f/5.6. I made sure the subject was properly focussed. The result is even better now.
The left scene was shot without VR, the right one with VR enabled. You can clearly see the motion blur on the left.

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Last weekend we were very lucky and saw an ibex on the top of the Speer mountain. It's quite a rare view and I had rather expected to see it in a more secluded area.

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Board season

Today I was in Laax for my only time snowboarding this winter. There had not been enough snow until now for me to be bothered to go snowboarding. Now that spring clearly has started in Switzerland, there finally fell some snow and it got cold again. It was a very good day with lovely conditions up there. Especially on Vorab Glacier (at 3000 meters) the snow was perfect for carving. Further down at around 2000 meters it was getting too wet over an icy underground of course – it's nearly April.

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Melting glaciers

Last weekend in the mountains close to Splügenpass, Regi and I were very lucky. We had to cross over a smallish glacier called Chalchtalfirn. It was very warm and you could litterally see it melting away. One lump of ice (maybe 20 m3) caught my attention when I passed under it because it looked like it could collapse any time. So I took a picture. Ten minutes later a piece of it collapsed in front of my eyes! Another ten minutes later it had collapsed completely and had fallen down over a cliff onto the top of another part of the glacier, close to where we had just passed over. Of course I had the camera ready in all stages of the collapsing lump.

That's how it looked in the beginning:

And here the leftmost tip has disappeared:

Here the rest of the piece has gone:

The shattered ice a few meters down the hill:

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Fake pics

I like Daryl Moistner's absolutely hilarious fake pictures a lot. He even encourages you to forward them to your friends.

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A Sunday in the sun

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Freshly waxed and prepared for new endeavours: My F2 Speedster.

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